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Purchase your very own magnetic dice cube. Works like a Rubik's Cube, but made entirely of dice and magnets.

5x5x5: White Opaque w/ Stickers


5x5x5: White Opaque w/ Stickers

  • Stickers included (but not applied): Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Black

  • Leave the black stickers off if you want a white side

  • Uses 125 dice and 600 magnets

  • More for collections and conversation-starters than it is for solving

  • Works, and you can solve it, but it is MUCH harder to turn than the 3x3x3

  • Because the 5x5x5 requires hours and hours to make, and is made to order, all sales of this item are final

  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 centimeters (3.7 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches)

  • Weight: 950 grams (2.1 pounds)

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Order now and yours will be featured here.  Since we haven't made one yet we don't have a picture or video. Look at the 3x3x3 page for an idea of what this cube will look like.